ICS (Pre-Assessment)

//ICS (Pre-Assessment)

ICS (Pre-Assessment)

ICS (Pre Assessment)

Initiative Clause Sociale (ICS) is a multi-sector initiative that conducts social audits in the textile,
clothing, bazar, leisure, furniture, fixtures, equipment, appliances and food sectors with the aim of
improving working conditions along global supply chains.
The ICS initiative enables brand to collaborate, mutualize audits and to contribute to the reduction of the audit ‘fatigue’. It is a combined approach of social audits and close cooperation with factories (hereinafter also referred to as ‘facilities’) on corrective action plans can contribute to enhanced sustainable supply chain management.
The overall purpose of the ICS on-site audit is to evaluate the facility’s compliance level with the ICS Code of Conduct, local regulations and international standards as well as to identify the necessary Corrective actions and opportunities for continuous improvement. The ICS audit also report the best practices observed by the auditors in the facility.



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