Labour Law Training

//Labour Law Training

Labour Law Training


To have some more clear concepts and specific information, we should be aware of Labor Rules – 2015. 

To have the complete knowledge on Human Resource Management, HR Professionals can not run without Disciplinary procedure focused on Domestic Enquiry. 

Labor Laws have a great impact on HR, Admin, Compliance and other areas. 

All Professionals needs to have clear understanding on labor laws and Rules and Disciplinary Action. This training is designed as to share clear ideas about all Labor law applications for HR, Compliance & Administrative Professionals, which is required in the work place. 

How participants will benefit after the course:
• Participants will learn Labor Laws and recent Labor Rules -2006, 2015, 2018
• Participants will be well conversant on how to conduct domestic enquiry. 
• Complete knowledge on Labor Laws and Rules will be gained by the participants. 
• Participants will be aware of the impact of the related labor laws in the workplace. 
• Proper justice will be ensured in the workplace 
• Healthy environment and congenial atmosphere will prevail in the organization. 


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Contents of Labor Rules:

2.Definition of Supervisory, Administrative & Managerial functions 

3. Contractor’s License etc. 
4. Contractor’s Security Fund 
5. Contractor’s Service Rules 
6. Wages rate for Contractors labor 
7. Workers Social Security Fund 
8. Classification of workers: 
9. Appointment, ID Card and Non disclosure agreement 
10. Notice to Factory Inspector regarding Lay-off/Closure of factory 
11. Discharge 

Misconduct & Awarding Punishment: :
12. Number of enquiry committee members 

Maternity Benefits: :
13. Rights of availing leave 

Health & Hygiene: :
14. Cleanliness 
15. Lighting 
16. Drinking Water 
17. Washroom & Toilets 
18. Safety: 

Welfare: :
19. First Aid 
20. Health Centre & Doctors 
21. Medical Facilities 
22. Welfare officer 
23. Safety Committee
24. Washing Facility 
25. Canteen 

Working Hours & Leave: 
26. Working Hours 
27. Compensatory Leave 
28. Calculation of OT
29. Working Hour for female workers 
30. Inclusion of holiday with casual leave 
31. Encashment of Annual leave 

Payment of Wages: 
32. Payment of wages- Bonus 
33. Calculation of wages for piece rated worker
34. Deduction of wages for absence 
35. Deduction for Damage or loss 
36. Advance against salary 

Wages Board: :
37. Minimum Wages 
38. Compensation for Accidents 
39. Worker welfare Foundation Fund 

Trade Union & Industrial Relations: :
40. Registration of Trade Unions 
41. Number of EC Member
42. CBA Election 
43. Formation of participatory Committee 
44. Prohibition of certain activities by CBA or PC 
45. Industrial disputes, Labor Court, Labor Appellate Tribunal etc. 

Profit sharing: :
46. Central Fund 
47. Sources of Fund 
48. Eligibility of beneficiary 
49. Uses of Fund/Distribution of Fund 
50. Rule 232 & 233

Provident Fund: :
51. Formation of Provident Fund 
52. Member of provident fund 
53. Contribution to provident fund 

Apprenticeship :
54. Administration and Inspection 

Miscellaneous: :
55. Forms 

Contents of Labor Laws: :
1. Introduction
2. Definition 
3. Amendments of labor law in 2013
4. Conditions of Service & Employment
a. Classification of worker
b. Probation period
c. Notice pay
d. Service book
e. Leave/Leave procedure
f. Payment of un availed annual leave
g. Disciplinary Action
h. Subsistence Allowance
i. Misconduct
j. Punishment
k. Separation from service
l. Discharge
m. Retrenchment
n. Termination/Resignation
o. Notice Pay
p. Payment of dues 
q. provident Fund
r. Facilities during separation
s. Lay off 
t. Death Benefit
u. Certificate of Service
v. Grievance procedure

11. Trade Unions & Industrial Relations
12. Workers Participation in Companies Profit
13. Provident Funds
14. Case study

Contents of Disciplinary Action & Domestic Enquiry: :
1. Amended Labor Laws – 2013
2. Domestic Enquiry
3. Traditional Enquiry/Modern Enquiry
4. Preliminary enquiry
5. Steps before Enquiry
6. How to make a good draft of show cause notice/Charge Sheet
7. Amendment of charge sheet
8. Additional Charge sheet
9. Enquiry Notice
10. Enquiry Officer/ Enquiry Committee 
11. Impact of Enquiry
12. Why we should go for enquiry
13. Procedure of conducting enquiry
14. Adjournment of enquiry
15. Delay in starting enquiry
16. Proceedings of enquiry
17. Cross examination and questions
18. Five Questions by the Enquiry Officer
19. Who will write the Proceedings 
20. If the Accused does not sign the Enquiry Proceedings
21. Enquiry report
22. Consideration of report
23. Award Of punishment
24. Procedure of punishment under section 24
25. Drafts of dismissal letter, warning letter, termination letter etc. 
26. Retrospective effect of the order